Error Messages


When we are happy, we almost instantly ask ourselves if we shouldn’t be worried about something, but when miserable, we rarely recall what might merit our joy. It’s a bias in our nature that would be better reversed.  


Sex should be the overflow of an internal reality that has become too powerful to contain, not an exercise as regular as eating healthy cereal in the morning or doing cardiovascular exercise after work. It should be transgressive and therefore somewhat irregular. When it grows regular as clockwork or diet, …


It does not make you a better person to have died. Existence is an endless game of musical chairs. One day everyone sits down between the chairs: saint and sinner, you and me. A mean and petty person who dies is still a mean and petty person. Death is democratic, …

Error Messages

In my unrelenting effort to make enemies and alienate people, I am starting, today, a Running Thesaurus of Offensive Quotations. It’s been called “Error Messages” to suggest it does not fear contradiction or indeed, wrongness. Truths are paradoxes, and almost every point worth pursuing can be turned constructively on its …


One must never be afraid to give away one’s trade secrets. Hearing them only helps those who are already practicing them anyway. If we used a thousandth of the good advice we owned and believed in, we’d all be superstars.